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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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program is doing for xavier's value in our city and across the country. >> putting the brakes on the breaks. >> the surveillance video, you have to see to believe. what caused an unexpected explosion in a gas station? this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. good evening, everyone. erica is tracking the rain that's been heavy at times today. >> tonight, it will turn to snow, if you could believe it. here's erica with no wake weather. >> my husband said on the phone, are you sure we're going to get snow tonight. we saw temperatures top out around 60 degrees this afternoon in someplaces. now we're falling quickly. we're going to soon see the rain that you see here indicated by blue changed to snow. that's moving through indianapolis.
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you what's happening on live precision doppler hd, on the 75 loop, still kind of dry. we have minute showers through cincinnati park. more rain this widespread, from harrison, to bright, ripley, dearborn county, heavier towards county. in south eastern indiana, we have light to moderate rain, north of the connorsville, we have heavier rain moving our way. through ripley and dearborn county, we have light rain overspreading the area and jacksonville and enterprise. we've picked up an inch on average. over an inch in wilmington and two inches in batavia, the last 24 hours. flood watch, cancelled by the national weather service. it's supposed to go late tonight. satellite satellite radar, that storm is
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portions to the deep south and blizzard -like conditions. you'll continue to watch the rain, change to snow later tonight. temperatures, 45, still in cincinnati. 50 in hamilton. expect the numbers to fall quickly tonight. go from rain, 7:00 to 8:00, mixture at 9:00. everybody is seeing snow shower activity. by tomorrow morning, we'll be tracking the snow shower. temperatures do get a lot colder for tomorrow and friday. we'll talk more about winter like temperatures and the warm up for the weekend, in 10 minutes. back to you. shaping up to be the biggest college basketball games of the season and one of the biggest of all-time. first time since 1959, the number one plays the number 5 here. >> and it is the first for xavier. local 12, joe webb joins us live from the campus, why the fans are et going fired up all day.
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>> that's right. students line up outside the cintas center. if they are not lined up yet, they will be in a half an hour. they were outside, trying to get the best seats, the four sections around the band with tonight's game against villanova. number one, versus number 12. it's one of the things you will remember your whole life. also has a lot of value, xavier moving forward. december 22nd, 1959, the number one uc bear cats, meet the number one bradley braves in the old field house. times have changed. fans will always line up to see their team take a shot at number one. >> we've been number two a number of times much that's pretty cool. . >> this is xavier's first season to crack the top five.
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the college basketball summit. they are showing the world what basketball people already knew. >> i think they've always been great. i really do. everyone has had great respect. i think everyone is seeing it a lot more, now that they are in the big east and national tv every day. i think people are seeing what a great program always has been. >> national tv coverage has its benefits. it helps the university recruit more than just basketball players. >> we've had more applications than we've had ever before. we've actually ended the year west before. they continue it come in. certainly, there's a lot of interest in xavier right now. >> basketball is obviously just a part of xavier's lure. on recruiting trips, musketeer's hoops, up. >> we hear a lot from parent.
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parent about it. students are also asking about their major. in the city of cincinnati, there's a lot more attention because of the basketball >> amen, to that. there's a lot of attention at the cintas center. and it was then a much different basketball game tonight and it was not in the cintas center. and it's number one versus number 5. you can't beat that. the last time this happened in cincinnati, i was 5-year-old. take a being loo -- take a look. >> i don't want to make you feel bad but i wasn't even born. i do have a connection about this.
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at the time and when they were were -- you knew he was sick, didn't you? >> yeah, i met him, he seemed like a great guei. 1960 season, xavier at senior, playing right here at university's number up with versus number 5:00. >> i think he's watching tonight. we'll have the highlights from tonight's big game, xavier versus villanova tonight at 11:00. man under arrest for the murder of a local mother. police believe he killed brenda russel. she was shot in the head several times. her 6-month old daughter was in
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she was not hurt. carr has a lengthy criminal history. most is drug-related. a the judge sented him in a matter charge. thorn hill was text ing ing. the accident killed 45-year-old mark za villa of lexington. thorn hill could be up for pal. >> two people in id face charges. deputies found smuk's dog's dead in the dump sister.
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watching the dog but didn't allow this. >> and aftering it. and since the beginning of the rushed period in january, at least 27 students have ended up in the hospital with alcoholic related. >> they machine dated, the jued jued -- keith walker could have been saved if r and b contractors have followed proper protection. and walker died after falling 40 feet in a work site in august. likely to meet sean nichols.
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the cub scout will meet with president obama soon. he's part of the team that will present the state of the boy scout to a nation in washington. the event they convention center honored the jeff weiler automotive family and raised a. thanks to the many individuals and united dairy farmers. >> you were seeing them. >> that.
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>> what his comompetii >> donald trump is on a roll after a big win in nevada. >> as mike albert reports, the race is just heating up. they can stop the billionaire businessman. >> we had an exciting evening last night. >> coming up a dominated win, confident donald trump, started speculating on his pick for vice president.
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political. we want to get some great legislation, including proper health care. he received his first endorsement, who said in a statement, he wants to shake up the washington status quo. marco rubio who came in second place, brushed off the victory. >> republican domination is decided by delegates. we're not near that number. >> trump has won 81 the number so far. super tuesday is the big prize with 595 delegates at steak. ted cruz is hoping to take home his of texas on wednesday. >> i'm asking my fellow texans to join me in supporting a true fighter for liberty
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we have six days. six days to lead in texas, to lead the country. so let's get to work. >> the next g.o.p. debate is set for thursday night in houston. mark albert for cbs news, the white house >> ted cruz is leading in his home state of texas. latest poll shows donald trump winning. and democrats vote in their south carolina primary on saturday. still ahead, tornadoes in state.
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getting hit with . >> more than a dozen tornadoes, across the gulf coast. >> storms killed at least five people overnight and dozens more. the risk of powerful winds, hail and tornadoes, continues from florida to the mid atlantaic. the national weather service, it received reports from 27 tornadoes touching down. people inside watched as the storm peeled off the roof. elsewhere, field of debris.
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the site and declared state of emergency. florida panhandle, twister demolished departments and cars. >> are you sure it's going to snow snow. >> we are going to see, what you are going to go out the doors for breaks. you will know it's coming. temperatures top out at 61 degrees today. it was extremely warm for february. >> that's why we were wondering about the snow. >> last year, we had snow. last year, we had the 20s. felt like february. this year, it's whacky all over. we are going to continue to see the rain transition to snow tonight. . >> are you sure about that. >> i'm going to go home now.
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across oxford and the across the entire viewing area. some heavier rain moved through the area we are tracking rain. and moving through indianapolis and portions of indiana. put this into motion, this is moving in the northeasterly fashion. light rain northwest to connorsville. oxford having heavy rain. light rain through napoleon and
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bright and harrison. couple of showers, continuing to move through amillia. and nothing severe at this point. we have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings earlier today. and this, entire area, is an area of low pressure, which is giving severe weather, bringing it to kwlars in virginia and north carolina. that's what brought the tornadoes in florida and in the deep south. tea also bringing blizzard like companies in indiana and illinois. 46 na batavia. we're at 44 at the airport,
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you guys will see the 30s fairly soon. good news, we were so warm, road temperatures in the 40s and 50s. when the snow starts to fall tonight, and even through the day tomorrow, road temperatures should be well above 32 degrees. and today's forecast, and in the 30s by 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. on and off, mix of rain and snow by 9:00. we should see snow showers around 12:00, 11:00. tracking rain. the snow indicated by the blue color, moves in. almost everybody is seeing snow shower activity. we're looking at less than a half an inch overnight. so in total, around an inch or less of slushy wet snow that mainly won't stick on roadways.
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areas. this weekend, it's looking better. and we'll see a gorgeous weekend. rain showers moving back in and monday, it looks like, we'll see temperatures in the 40s. >> just ahead, couldn't wait what he was seeing. >> the explosion looks pretty painful. the reason why this customer became too hot to handle.
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children born, the . >> look at the pictures. surveillance camera recorded the moment it happened in a gas station in owensville kentucky. >> was giving me money. suddenly there was a block and there was fire. a big fire.
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>> and look at that, you have it in your pocket. you got a bomb in your pocket. i was totally shocked. like this. >> victim struggled to take off the burning -- and another customer drove him to the hospital. the man has second-degree burns on his leg but is able to walk >> just when you think you seen it all. >> one of the few form names. homer bailey is hoping this is the year he could stay healthy. >> in all, nine different reds are returning from surgery. coming off the tommy johnson procedure, he continues his journey back. he expects to be back as early as may.
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is not buying it. >> had houston, as long as he did. that didn't work out. the predictions are pretty much crap, you know >> one prediction, probably sunny tomorrow. >> his arm feels better than ever. he continues to throw fastballs in camp. expects to have breaking >> and brad will have more from spring training tomorrow. . ahead at local 12 news at 5:30, making the tri-state pedestrian friendly.
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trying really hard to g >> it's a product many men who are losing their hair consider buying. the bald bandit is stealing hundreds of dollars from drug stores, from florence to cleveland. >> the police in the tri-state are tracking the star, from florence to cleveland, looking for a serial rogain thief. the store shelves are focusing on the one product. both men and women. more on what police are saying
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larry? >> the rogain bandit is targeting the stores including this one in mount healthy. most of it, growing aid rogain. investigators say he's been a busy man. these are stores surveillance pictures from inside the mount healthy wallgreen's store. while he's obviously bald, the police don't believe he's personally using the rogain. >> we're not too sure. we're looking into that. our feelings, he's trying to resale this either on craig's list, ebay. >> and mount healthy police detective says the suspect has been very active of late. he's suspected of targeting neighboring wallgreen's stores and college hill as well as
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the police say there's also other thefts reported at drug stores from as far north as cleveland to as far south as florence. >> will go to an aisle and take a basket. he will conceal a merchandise in the basket. open the product and conceal it as clothing, leaving the discarded box in the separate aisle. >> the suspect will usually leave the package be behind, unknown to store employees, until after he is gone. the recent price of rogain is just under $ 50. it could be purchased much less on craig's list or flea market >> it's very strange. rogain, it's a popular product. as far as large quanties of theft from the product, i haven't seen it before. >> brad, police say this is not all the merchandise that this thief has been making off for
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some of them cvs and other drug stores as well. reports shows he's taken prostate cancer and memory supplements, chewable mixed berry flavor. and at one wallgreen's store, the stolen merchandise was worth well over $1500. they say he may be driving a white jeep. larry davis, local 12 news. >> local 12 news, reaches out to the wallgreen's officials regarding the thefts. our calls are not returned. if you recognize the man in the surveillance pictures, call crimestoppers. 352-3040. the police chief is out of a job. the township board of trustees, to fire rick coumbs. coumbs blames fire chiefs for his dismissal. bob rose will fill in until a new chief is hired. the acting township administrator is called for the police levy to go on the ballot
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and discussion on the prime hold. the head of the board of directors made the decision to suspend talks. board chairman says, given the magnitude and long-term impact of the decisions, we must insure our choices are right for our community. end quote. miami university rank as one of the top elite public schools in the country. the oxford school comes in at number 38 out of 50 and report from business first that was released to day. the survey based its findings on 20 indicators of academic, excellence, costs of academic strength. it ranks academy em like in the mid american conference. two brothers who spent decades in prison for a murder they did not commit will get millions more in competition from the state. they will get 2.4 million.
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they each received hundreds and thousands from the ohio court of claims last year. the men and ricky johnson went to prison for killing a salesman outside a corner store. ricky johnson spent 39 years in prison and has received a million dollar so far. all three were exonerated after a key witness who testified when he was 13-year-old recanted. >> you see him make the big announcement that could change the lives of people in the heart transplant list. >> today, it announced it has the first successful patient. a husband and father from hillsborough. today, the family came back to say thank you to the medical team that helped saved his life. >> we got the call. we're getting heart today. we were just ecstatic. we got done here. the staff was just as excited and happy.
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they are part of the family, too. it's amazing to make it at this point. >> and it's already, other patients waiting for the heart transplant. the doctors hope to perform up to 30 of these a year. up next at 5:30, the answer to call, to help a local texas pantry. it will continue and it, it is
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>> they are small but have a . >> there's good news. cincinnati pet food pantry helped more than 100 families. organization held the last monthly give away this past sunday. the owner of the property, needs the space for paid tenant. after seeing our story, owners of simply self storage, contacted the pantry and offered some usable space. the pantry plans to move all the pet food and supplies to a new location on sunday. >> good. >> like to see some new temporary parts in covington. park lets will take over the location.
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pike street, two on 7th. the idea is to link the areas. >> part of the county will close for a month. traffic will be diverted, pleasant hill road in miami township. and crews will be removing trees as part the realignment project. road will be closed from 8:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. >> he has been called a danger to the community. local man arrested, after trying to convince a federal judge, he should be allowed to come home. >> a change in seasons
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spring like weather will be
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. >> as the election heats up, you will see a campaign, attacking
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hears from the nominee. and it says in both sats, the majority of people will see a consideration of the nominee by the senate. i asked senator daniel coats about the hot issue. the indiana republicans say the voters should be able to speak in november. the voters haven't already spoken by electing a president who still has months in office. >> the president's job to nominate. he's fully free to do that and probably will be able to do that. it's our job as a senate to evaluate and determine, whether this is the right time and right person to go forward to >> he's backing marco rubio for president.
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wide appeal in the jen election. the large number of republicans right now is dividing the party. . >> they are trying desperately to get out of the holding facility. they claim to be a journalist, has been behind bars since his arrest january 36th. >> pete santa illy was arrested on january 26th, he could go to the secured area to bring out women and children still in the compound. the video of his arrest was posted on youtube. he's been in federal custody ever since. he was arrested for improperly transporting a firearm. shortly after the charges were dropped, he showed up in oregon
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member of the media. he garnered quite a bit of attention, that he wanted to shoot secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i want to shoot her right in, and i don't want her to die right away. i want her to feel the pain and look her in the eyes. >> and full of broadcast. and say santa illy is a government informant much since his arrest, been declared a danger to the community and flight risk. he could understand i don't the government expressed concerns on his statement. as he said, i buried my guns, because i wanted people to think they can't file a false res straining order against me as a way to take away my firearms. he also explained why he said he
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come busting through my door at 4:00 in the morning. >> pete santa illy and his girlfriend live in the apartment building. and he said in the documents, he's willing to let the fbi come in and search his apartment anytime they want, if the federal judge released him. he's willing to let the fbi install surveillance cameras in his apartment. in mount washington, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> the word at this point, when and if pete santaely will be released. >> the tree crashed into a house in blue ash today. the woman who lives inside the home in ryan crest drive, said she couldn't even describe the noise.
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need to be repaired. could see the roots are pretty much uprooted out of the wet soil. the snow, and mild temperatures will be moving in. and still kind of pretty as we take a live look from the weather camera. despite the cloupty conditions. you were lucky, able to see sunshine, brut blue skies between the rain. we're dry in downtown cincinnati right fou. we can have moderate snow, that will lower visibility. that will slow traffic. winds are around, 10-15 miles an hour, right now. and it will be windy.
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if you drive the high-profile vehicles. and tonight, early tomorrow morning, i suspect roads will be too warm because we hit the 60s. huge area of low pressure, and northern, north carolina, excuse me. we have blizzard companies, back towards indiana. you see the white shade. that's snow. we are going to see the rain, indicated by the blue and green color, changed to snow. snow is pretty close. and i expect the mix to occur in the next few hours, in the area,
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brookville indiana. you probably will find yourself seeing a mix of rain and snow before changing to snow shower activity, by maybe 9:00. right fou, connorsville, seeing some rain. oxford and ham nil ton. moving through cleaves, down to aurora, in ripley county, we have light rain as well. we will continue to move towards white oak, downtown cincinnati and going to see some of the rain in the next half hour or so. that's going to continue to move northeast. rainfall, the last 24 hours, picks up a little over an inch.
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topped out at 61 degrees in cincinnati today. right now we're at 45. warmer air retreating to the east. we're looking at the numbers for later tonight. right now, we have the warmer air to the south and east, hillsborough, at 50. 47b in sharonville. 45 from the airport. back to the north and west. brookville, liberty and places around the versailles area. wind speeds will pick up with the system as it moves in the area. we have winds over 17 miles an hour. you could expect windy conditions tomorrow, between 20-30 miles an hour. 38 at 9:00. 36 at 11:00. we'll take you through the next 48 hours quickly. we're looking at snow shower activity. we keep the snow shower activity
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we're being looing at anywhere between up toen an inch or an inch possible. that wet slushy snow. don't forget, track all the stuff in the free wkrc weather app. we get rm whatter for the weekend. 49 and 60 for saturday and sunday.
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>> and xav . >> homework is part of the lerpg process in schools. parents and teachers expect to have homework. >> and. >> living room is set up as a classroom. >> convince someone to change their mind. >> two years ago, the new yorkers started home schooling their sons and niece. it was the kindergarten that drove the change. >> it was very hard.
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>> when children have too much homework, some say, it was little time for kids to be kids. . >> says young children should get no more than 20 minutes per day. that's in line of 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade. by 12th grade, 120 minutes per night. >> the attention span is short. they need to be doing other things. they need to be mastering task, like making or keeping friends. >> cornel agrees, by the time they save on homework, they learn life skills. >> museums and the park. her kids could enjoy being kids. >> cbs news, bronx new york.
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charged with gross sexual imposition. other women are coming forward with more disturbing accusations. . >> it is the top five showdown. xavier fans --
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p . >> good evening, everybody. feeling the effects of a wide storm system. >> the rain will turn into snow in our future.
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coming up. >> we have dealt with the warm side of the storm system. now we're going to deal with the cold side of the storm system for the next 24 hours. as came mentioned, our rain will turn to snow, by 10:00 tonight. winds will stay with us. the mercury will be falling. you have felt a little bit of that this afternoon. this that will only continue tonight. line of thunderstorms, down to north carolina. for us, you could see, we're very close to the rain-snow line much the snow will be pushing to the east, over the course of the next couple of hours. it's not going to amount to a human snow. this is what we're going on right now. blue is the rain and white is the snow. there's a ban of rain to butler


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